Local Shows

Whitefield Horticultural Society November Show 2015

Whitefield Horticultural Society held their November Show on 7th November 2015. The Society holds two shows per year in September and November. Despite the Show taking place so late in the season there were still plenty of vegetable entries and an absolute profusion of flowers particularly chrysanthemums of both the pot and cut varieties.
John Waddington Chair, Show Manager and NVS member explained that it was a local show aimed at encouraging more people from the surrounding area to get involved especially children. There were entries from the Rainbows (Brownies) and children from the church and he explained that experience had shown that by participating as a group children gained the confidence to start showing in their own right.
Although it is not specifically aimed at NVS members there were a few familiar faces at the Show. John was pleased with the amount of entries and the quality of vegetables given the time of year: although more are always welcome.
The cups and awards were presented by Cllr Paul Adams from Unsworth,
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